Our Markets

Such is the burgeoning demand for Western-style food and grocery products in almost all Asian countries, that we are now one of the fastest-growing Denmark-based companies in the global commodities supply chain. Goldenfoodsaps Ltd has achieved this status thanks to exemplary customer service, speed, and reliability of supply.

We have a thorough understanding of the expanding and maturing Far Eastern markets. At the same time, we are able to supply branded consumer goods to all parts of the world. Our export services offer a turnkey operation for the wholesale supply of goods to any country. We recognize and understand the different regulations, cultures, and interpretations of each country and even the regional adaptations that sometimes apply within countries. We also have particular expertise in supplying to China, India, and South Africa.

Our exporting capabilities are truly global and managed by us from the receipt or order to delivery of goods. Our exporting service is transparent and in conjunction with our shipping agents and freight forwarders, we serve to provide the best possible service keeping our clients aware of progress on all shipments from receipt of order to delivery of goods.

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